ELM Animation & Production Studios

Entertainment & Licensing Management is a Warsaw-based commercial and digital animation production company.
 We produce commercials, character animation, motion graphics, vfx and a variety of integrated digital media
for some of the best known entertainment and advertising companies.  ELM specializes in 3D character animation
and special effects oriented productions.
  Custom made 360o media production, on time, on budget.

ELM Delivers

For over 13 years, ELM has firmly established an international presence with a reputation for excellence and affordability across a wide range of disciplines and projects. ELM delivers beautifully produced content for every platform, partnering with some of the best known entertainment and advertising companies in the world.

- Production offices are located in Central Europe allowing us to be highly cost effective and competitive -

- Experienced creative team, brings experience, imagination and client-focused commitment to every project -

- An army of experienced feature film/television animators from the Central European region,

bring projects to life with the latest technologies and techniques, from concept to execution -

- Experienced, entrepreneurial founder/director from California, USA with a passion for achieving the impossible -

- State-of-the-art equipment with regularly upgraded professional production software and render hardware -

Services We Offer

2D and 3D Design and Animation

Motion Graphic Design and Animation

Comprehensive 3D Modelling Services   

Complete Commercial Production Services 

Post-Production and Digital Effects

Practical Effects

Digital Matte Painting

Music Production and Orchestration

Concept Art, Storyboarding, Comic Illustration

Game Development, Design and Programming

Mobile Device Application Development and Programming

Comprehensive Web Design and Programming

Production Management

Joseph Vogt is the managing partner of ELM.   Vogt is an American director and producer with 20+ years of experience in film production, advertising, licensing and marketing.  After establishing multi award-winning film and licensing companies in San Francisco and Toronto, Vogt founded Entertainment & Licensing Management in 2002 in Warsaw, Poland.  He serves as ELM’s MD, Executive Producer, and in-house director.

From the beginning of his career, Vogt has built a diverse client base with companies such as New Line Cinema, Hallmark Cards, Paramount Studios, Arista, Swatch, The American Cancer Society, as well as many major advertising shops. Vogt has directed numerous television commercials in Europe for clients including Danone, Ferrero, Hoop, Hasbro, Lorenz, Discovery, Finea, Masmix, Cussons, Masterfoods and Chipita.  Most recently, ELM has concentrated on character animation projects partnering with companies such as Hallmark USA/UK and Factory.

In addition to directing, Vogt has extensive experience and expertise in practical and digital special effects, new media production, marketing, licensing and business administration. Vogt is committed to continuing to build ELM as a media production organization with unparalleled capabilities in Central Europe where the industry provides opportunities unequaled in the U.S. and Western Europe.  With over 35 industry awards to his credit, including an Emmy, Vogt has established a reputation for excellence which spans his career.

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Our Work

A selection of some of our recent animation and motion graphic content.  If you're looking for something specific, just let us know and we'll send out a demo package tailored for your project needs.  We work in many different styles and disciplines including 2D, 2.5D, CGI, stop motion and practical effects. 


Good work wins business.  Great relationships keep it.  There is no more precious commodity than the relationship of trust and confidence we have with our clients.  We are proud of the work we've done and the friends we made doing it.


We would like to meet you!

ELM is always looking to meet dynamic talent.We're especially interested to meet experienced and passionate producers, animation and commercial directors, motion graphic artists and animators, character designers and illustrators, art directors, 3D generalists and specialists (Maya/Max), for work on internationally produced and distributed projects.  If you would like to interview with a vibrant, professional and creatively motivated production team, show us what you've got! Send your CV and portfolio links to jobs@elmproductiongroup.com

Please note: All applicants MUST have a good understanding of written and spoken English.

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